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Volume No 11 January - June 2006

Pages 1-7 : P Roughley et al.
The involvement of aggrecan polymorphism in degeneration of human intervertebral disc and articular cartilage

Pages 8-15 : U Müller et al.
Do human osteoblasts grow into open-porous titanium?

Pages 16-26 : RJ Thomas et al.
Hepatic stellate cells on poly(DL-lactic acid) surfaces control the formation of 3D hepatocyte co-culture aggregates in vitro

Pages 27-34 : DAJ Lloyd et al.
A pilot study investigating a novel subcutaneously implanted pre-cellularised scaffold for tissue engineering of intestinal mucosa

Pages 35-42 : S Lopez-Cazaux et al.
Culture medium modulates the behaviour of human dental pulp-derived cells: Technical Note

Pages 43-56 : DA Wahl et al.
Collagen-Hydroxyapatite Composites for Hard Tissue Repair

Pages 57-75 : CM Davies et al.
Mechanically loaded ex vivo bone culture system 'Zetos': Systems and culture preparation

Pages 76-85 : D Widera et al.
Nuclear Factor- kappaB controls the reaggregation of 3D neurosphere cultures in vitro


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