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Volume No 12 July - December 2006

Pages 1-15 : M Morra
Biochemical modification of titanium surfaces: Peptides and eCM proteins

Pages 16-25 : MJ Stoddart, PI Furlong, A Simpson, CM Davies, RG Richards
A comparison of non-radioactive methods for assessing viability in ex vivo cultured cancellous bone: Technical Note

Pages 26-35 : M Bohner, N Doebelin, G Baroud
Theoretical and experimental approach to test the cohesion of calcium phosphate pastes

Pages 36-43 : H Otsuka, T Ikeya, T Okano, K Kataoka
Activation of lymphocyte proliferation by boronate-containing polymer immobilised on substrate: The effect of boron content on lymphocyte proliferation

Pages 44-48 : MA Carlson
Technical Note: Assay of cell quantity in the fibroblast-populated collagen matrix with a tetrazolium reagent

Pages 49-56 : T Aigner, S Soeder, J Haag
IL-1ß and BMPs - Interactive players of cartilage matrix degradation and regeneration

Pages 57-63 : DR Eyre, MA Weis, J-J Wu
Articular cartilage collagen: an irreplaceable framework?

Pages 64-70: FM Altaf, TM Hering, NH Kazmi, JU Yoo, B Johnstone
Ascorbate-enhanced chondrogenesis of ATDC5 cells

Pages 71-80: D Später, TP Hill, M Gruber, C Hartmann
Role of canonical Wnt-signalling in joint formation

Pages 81-91: MH Bünger, M Foss, K Erlacher, H Li, X Zou, BL Langdahl, C Bünger, H Birkedal, F Besenbacher, JS Pedersen
Bone Nanostructure near Titanium and porous Tantalum implants studied by Scanning small angle x-ray scattering

Pages 92-101: PJ Roughley
The structure and function of cartilage proteoglycans


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