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Volume No 35 January - June 2018

Pages 1-12 : B-J Kwon, GM Seon, MH Lee, M-A Koo, MS Kim, D Kim, J-J Han, D Kim, J Kim, J-C Park
Locally delivered ethyl-2,5-dihydroxybenzoate using 3D printed bone implant for promotion of bone regeneration in a osteoporotic animal model

Pages 13-24 : J Batt, M Milward, I Chapple, M Grant, H Roberts, O Addison
TiO2 nanoparticles can selectively bind CXCL8 impacting on neutrophil chemotaxis

Pages 25-33 : A Feldmann, P Wili, G Maquer, P Zysset
The thermal conductivity of cortical and cancellous bone

Pages 34-53 : RJ Craddock, NW Hodson, M Ozols, T Shearer, JA Hoyland, MJ Sherratt
Extracellular matrix fragmentation in young, healthy cartilaginous tissues

Pages 54-72 : M Ojansivu, X Wang, L Hyväri, M Kellomäki, L Hupa, S Vanhatupa, S Miettinen
Bioactive glass induced osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells is dependent on cell attachment mechanism and mitogen-activated protein kinases

Pages 73-86 : A Dakiw Piaceski, D Larouche, K Ghani, F Bisson, S Cortez Ghio, S Larochelle, VJ Moulin, M Caruso, L Germain
Translating the combination of gene therapy and tissue engineering for treating recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Pages 87-102 : OJ Ali, EJ Comerford, PD Clegg, EG Canty-Laird
Variations during ageing in the three-dimensional anatomical arrangement of fascicles within the equine superficial digital flexor tendon

Pages 103-116 : PPS Balraadjsing, EC de Jong, DW Grijpma, MWT Tanck, SAJ Zaat
Poly(trimethylene carbonate) and poly(D,L-lactic acid) modify human dendritic cell responses to staphylococci but do not affect Th1 and Th2 cell development

Pages 117-131 : X Liu, D Krishnamoorthy, L Lin, P Xue, F Zhang, L Chi, RJ Linhardt, JC Iatridis
A method for characterising human intervertebral disc glycosaminoglycan disaccharides using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with multiple reaction monitoring

Pages 132-150 : IA Otto, R Levato, WR Webb, IM Khan, CC Breugem, J Malda
Progenitor cells in auricular cartilage demonstrate cartilage-forming capacity in 3D hydrogel culture

Pages 151-164 : G-JA ter Boo, T Schmid, I Zderic, D Nehrbass, K Camenisch, RG Richards, DW Grijpma, TF Moriarty, D Eglin
Local application of a gentamicin-loaded thermo-responsive hydrogel allows for fracture healing upon clearance of a high Staphylococcus aureus load in a rabbit model

Pages 165-177 : D Henrich, C Seebach, R Verboket, A Schaible, I Marzi, H Bonig
The osteo-inductive activity of bone-marrow-derived mononuclear cells resides within the CD14+ population and is independent of the CD34+ population

Pages 178-194 : SM Shiels, M Bouchard, H Wang, JC Wenke
Chlorhexidine-releasing implant coating on intramedullary nail reduces infection in a rat model

Pages 195-208 : LD Loozen, A Vandersteen, AHM Kragten, FC Öner, WJA Dhert, MC Kruyt, J Alblas
Bone formation by heterodimers through non-viral gene delivery of BMP-2/6 and BMP-2/7

Pages 209-224 : E López-Ruiz, G Jiménez, W Kwiatkowski, E Montañez, F Arrebola, E Carrillo, S Choe, JA Marchal, M Perán
Impact of TGF-β family-related growth factors on chondrogenic differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells isolated from lipoaspirates and infrapatellar fat pads of osteoarthritic patients

Pages 225-241 : M Wallenborn, O Petters, D Rudolf, H Hantmann, M Richter, P Ahnert, L Rohani, JJ Smink, GC Bulwin, W Krupp, RM Schulz, H Holland
Comprehensive high-resolution genomic profiling and cytogenetics of human chondrocyte cultures by GTG-banding, locus-specific FISH, SKY and SNP array

Pages 242-254 : D Mumcuoglu, S Fahmy-Garcia, Y Ridwan, J Nicke, E Farrell, SGJM Kluijtmans, GJVM van Osch
Injectable BMP-2 delivery system based on collagen-derived microspheres and alginate induced bone formation in a time- and dose-dependent manner

Pages 255-267 : JG Sykes, JH Kuiper, JB Richardson, S Roberts, KT Wright, NJ Kuiper
Impact of human platelet lysate on the expansion and chondrogenic capacity of cultured human chondrocytes for cartilage cell therapy

Pages 268-280 : P Karschnia, C Scheuer, A Heß, T Später, MD Menger, MW Laschke
Erythropoietin promotes network formation of transplanted adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments

Pages 281-299 : JA Núñez, A Goring, B Javaheri, H Razi, D Gomez-Nicola, E Hesse, AA Pitsillides, PJ Thurner, P Schneider, CE Clarkin
Regional diversity in the murine cortical vascular network is revealed by synchrotron X-ray tomography and is amplified with age

Pages 300-317 : DM Varma, HA Lin, RG Long, GT Gold, AC Hecht, JC Iatridis, SB Nicoll
Thermoresponsive, redox-polymerized cellulosic hydrogels undergo in situ gelation and restore intervertebral disc biomechanics post discectomy

Pages 318-334 : M Majewski, P Heisterbach, C Jaquiéry, L Dürselen, A Todorov, I Martin, CH Evans, SA Müller
Improved tendon healing using bFGF, BMP-12 and TGFβ1 in a rat model

Pages 335-349 : BJ Klotz, KS Lim, YX Chang, BG Soliman, I Pennings, FPW Melchels, TBF Woodfield, AJWP Rosenberg, J Malda, D Gawlitta
Engineering of a complex bone tissue model with endothelialised channels and capillary-like networks

Pages 350-364 : CS Chang, CY Yang, HY Hsiao, L Chen, IM Chu, MH Cheng, CK Tsao
Cultivation of auricular chondrocytes in poly(ethylene glycol)/poly(ε-caprolactone) hydrogel for tracheal cartilage tissue engineering in a rabbit model

Pages 365-385 : V Fischer, M Haffner-Luntzer, M Amling, A Ignatius
Calcium and vitamin D in bone fracture healing and post-traumatic bone turnover


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