Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Cells and Materials

ISSN: 1051-6794

The journal "Scanning Electron Microscopy" was published by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc. of Chicago IL and copyright lies with them at the time of publication. The journal and its successor "Scanning Microscopy" are no longer published. The Copyright Clearance Center concurs that the rightsholder is defunct.
last known address: Scanning Microscopy International, P.O. Box 66507 AMF O'Hare (Chicago), IL 60666, USA Telephone: (847) 524-6677 / FAX: (847) 985-6698 /

For any permission of copyright or figure reproduction with regards to 'Scanning Microscopy' and 'Cells and Materials', the last known contact of the publisher from 2001, Om Johari, is as below- Please do not contact eCM with regards to this, as we have no rights to give permission. He now teaches meditation to senior citizens (, where his brief CV is up, "He started life as a scientist, leaving his native India to get his Ph.D in materials science, specializing in electron microscopy at the University of California-Berkeley. He worked for 11 years at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, then started his own business in 1977, publishing and organizing conferences in the electron microscopy field. After retiring in 2001, Johari was looking for activities to do in his retirement and decided to teach driving safety courses to seniors. When he was teaching a woman who complained that her mind raced too much when she tried to drive, he taught her a meditation technique. Staff at the Wheeling Senior Center heard about that, and asked him to teach meditation."

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Due to production difficulties several issues of 'Scanning Microscopy' and 'Cells and Materials' did not appear in print. These issues were made available electronically. eCM journal is hosting these issues, as a favour to the authors. Copyright of the papers below (1997-1999) belongs to the authors and any permission requests should be addressed to them directly.
All papers are held in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader will be needed to read them.


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